Thursday, March 15, 2012

Interview With Chelsea Fine

 After I finished reading Sophie and Carter, by Chelsea Fine,
I just knew that I had to sit her down and interview her.

When she agreed, I was so excited!
We set up a time to meet on Facebook messenger for a live interview.

I hope you all enjoy the interview!

 Me ~ I'll be in Pink!
Good morning! [It was actually noon my time.]

Chelsea Fine ~ Will be in Green!
Morning! [But it was 9am in AZ!]

So, this will be pretty casual...


Sophie and Carter...... WOW! Amazing!
Where did you come up with the idea for each?

Honestly, I didn't plan the story. It just sorta...happened. I was writing a different story at the time and got stuck, so I opened a new Word document and started writing a funny little love story. But a few pages in the story just sorta took off. And, before I knew it, I had these two broken characters who just sorta...fell out of me. No plan, no outline. It was completely impulsive.

It was just meant to be, then! That is awesome.
What were you working on at the time?

Haha, um...this superhero story that I've been working on for 4 years! I'll probably never finish. I'm, like, emotionally attached to it so I can't seem to let it go. Haha.

How long have you been writing?

My whole life. BUT...I've only been writing SERIOUSLY since college. So...six years.
Six very ling years... hahaha
I fail at typing
which is ironic, because, you know, I'm a "writer"

Haha!! I can't spell, and am a blogger... Spell check is on my my laptop and phone. I am always asking how to spell stuff. I play it off well, though. I say "It just didn't *look* right!

Haha! Spell check is a God-send!



You have to tell me...... do you have a sequel to Sophie and Carter in the works?

Yes. Yes, yes! BUT....(here comes the disclaimer...)


It is SO emotional for me to write! It's, like, know? So, I have a hard time going back into their story. Especially now that I'm working on my paranormal series (which is, like, WAY lighter). It's hard to switch in and out of the genres. At least, for me. So maybe after I finish the last book in my Avalon series, I'll be able to totally dive into Sophie & Carter's sequel and finally finish it.
But it WILL happen!
Sophie and Carter is a really deep story. Man, I cried for Carter when he was reliving the stabbing.


My dad was abusive when I was growing up, so it was really close to home.

It's unfortunate how very common abuse, of any sort, is in the home. You wouldn't believe how many heartbreaking emails I've received from readers with similar situations.

Oh, I bet. The story of Sophie and Carter gives hope.

I think I wanted to write a story about overcoming the hurt and believing in REAL love and hope.
Hope is so powerful.

Yes it is. And so very important.
You must adore seeing all of the 4 and 5 stars on GR

I do. I really do. It warms my heart.
I don't think there's anything better than a reader who truly LOVES your story. *sigh* It's amazing.

Tell me about Anew.....

Anew is the first book in my Archers of Avalon series and it's about a girl who wakes up in the woods without her memories. But...
she meets a hot boy who has a familiar voice and she's totally drawn to him. They hit it off, they're totally adorable together, but she feels like maybe he's hiding something from her....
Something like...his brother! Dum-dum-dum!
(Okay, it's not that dramatic) Haha

Aren't all men hiding *something*?!?

Anyway, it's about these two brothers who love this girl and all three of them are connected to each other by this ancient curse.
Anew, book 1, is mostly about how the girl tries to put the pieces of her history back together, and tries really hard to stay away from the brother she's not supposed to be with.
But, of course, there's always temptation....
Love, death, jealousy, magic, curses, a kissing festival....there's all sorta of stuff in Anew.

It sounds amazing! How many books are planned in the series?

Three. Book 2 comes out this summer, and Book 3 should be out by Christmas. (I think.)
Book 2 is called AWRY

Wow! I love that. I hate waiting on the next book when you *know* there is more!

Haha. Me too!
Waiting sucks.

I can't wait to read ANEW. It's on my wishlist.

Oh yay! Do you want me to send you a paperback copy or mobi file or ePub or whatever? Or all three? 

A paperback would be amazing! I am using my iPhone Kindle app to read ebooks right now, and that gets pretty tough on my eyes after a while.
You rock, dude!

Haha, okay! I'll have Acacia (my publisher) send you a paperback copy. (I must warn you, there are, like, four typos in the paperback version.) What's your address?

[Edit to remove my address. Stalkers.]

I doubt I will even notice typos!

Well, since I have already taken up 30 minutes of your time, I will let you go. Thanks so much for letting me interview you. I'm holding you to a sequel to Sophie and Carter!

Sounds good! Thanks for the interview. Jenn! Much love!

Right back to you! 

Interviewing Chelsea was like chatting with an old friend. 
She is super nice and really down to earth!
Thanks again, Chelsea, for talking with me and for the book, ANEW!
I can't wait to read and review it! ♥♥

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