Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sometimes It Hurts To Say Goodbye... This Time, It Doesn't.

You may notice a few changes from my sidebar.
I have removed a button from the "I Review For" title.

I am no longer reviewing for Hollow Tours.
I love the idea of tours, but IMHP, Jessica, the owner of the site,
is extremely disrespectful to the people who volunteer their time to post for her,
and some authors.
 [None will be named at this time, but she knows who she is. 
I'm actually scheduled to do a book week with her!]

I understand that sometimes you have to be tough so some people
for not posting on their date, or not posting at all,
but when you are changing the group and asking for information from everyone,
you need to try and make it simple without being mean.

I email Jessica and told her, but I wanted to let everyone else know, too.

I'll be back later this week with something..... 
maybe a teaser to the book I just finished!

Blonde ~ OUT!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blonde M.I.A.

So, you have probably noticed that this blonde hasn't really been around much.
No, it's not because I don't love you all, because you know I do.....

Life has just kinda got in the way here.
I have books to read, but just can't seem to find the time to read them.

Patrick and I have been doing some renovating, I have been learning to make my own cleaning supplies, Pud has been on baseball overload, and Monkey...... my little Monkey, has been on a mommy kick. [I swear people, it's like my almost 10 year old is 2 again.]

I *have*, on the other hand, been planning a bunch of new stuff, so be on the look out soon.

Blonde, OUT!

Friday, April 6, 2012

EXILED Review By Just Jenn [That's Me!] ~ EXILED Week [Day 5]

EXILED ~ Book 1 in The Protector Series
By: M.R. Merrick

I hate that I was so late reading this book.
Matt, you done good. Real good.

Starting with the cover.....
A tree with the fire and water coming from both sides.
You know the conflict from just looking at it.

From the very first sentence,
"I dodged the razor sharp claws coming toward me and turned to face the demon."
I was hooked. 

Matt has a style of writing that I adore.
You can literally close your eyes and *see* the scene that he described.

"I did a dive roll to pick up the blade and the other vampire attacked. I had the dagger in hand, ready to push through his chest, but before he got close enough, the silver-tipped whip coiled around his neck. Rayna pulled back on the whip and he went flying. His back hit the pavement and Rayna was already plunging her blade deep into his heart. His ash swirled in the air before settling over the ground."

See what I mean?
I think I have a crush on Chase. :)
He tries so hard to be a bad ass,
 but is actually really hurt by what happened in the Circle.

Rayna, on the other hand, *is* bad ass.

"Raven hair spilled over her pale shoulders with hints of red highlighting the occasional strand. A tight leather top revealed a sliver of toned stomach and a tease of cleavage. Black pants hugged her hips and long slender legs and met knee-high boots. Her skin glistened in the light, but the most noticeable of her features were her eyes. 

Bright green orbs sparkled with an odd glow: demon’s eyes. They had the slit pupils of a cat that I’d never seen on anything other than a house pet or a shifter in animal form."

 Her eyes drive me insane, and her clothes?
Dude, she dresses like me! How can I not love that?

As much as I love Willy, like everyone else,
I must say, my favorite character is Tiki.

“I am Tikimicharnikato, of the Suriattas clan. And you?” His voice was quiet and feminine, matching the soft features of his caramel skin.
He doesn't know Chase or Rayna, but he puts himself in danger to help
save Rayna and protect Chase.
A completely selfless act, if you ask me. 
EXILED made me smile, get mad and cry.
I love this book and it will always remain on my shelf.
That is why I am rating EXILED 5 Star Epic Review!