Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Witch Sea

The Witch Sea
By: Sarah Diemer
Published 2012


The witch Meriel has spent her entire life in the lighthouse on tiny Bound Island. Upon the distant shore prowls an ancient sea god kept captive by a generations-old spell, a spell that Meriel alone must protect.

Meriel's life has been lonely and unchanging--until the arrival of Nor. Nor's shape is that of a woman, but her heart belongs to the sea. Even though Nor is also held captive by Meriel's spell, she shows kindness to the isolated witch. Nor sparks a passion within Meriel, defying every law that binds them both.

This award-winning short story ("The Witch Sea" won first place in the "Kissed by Venus" Fresh Voices short story competition) is a dark fantasy tale of love, loss and the price of freedom.

Meriel is a witch bound by blood to protect her tiny island from a dangerous sea god. But she begins to rethink her life when she begins getting visit from the lovely Nor, a girl who has transformed from a seas creature into an enchanting lady. 

This was a pretty original story. I loved the use of lore to tell the reasons why Meriel has to do her duty. 

What I liked about this story is, we can all relate to having to do something that feels like it is an obligation. But, at a certain point, we all have to look at our lives and examine whether the things we are doing are being done for the right reasons. Ms. Diemer captured an integral piece of humanity in her short story, showing how loneliness can affect a person.


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A Note From Jenn ~
I can not wait to read this for myself!