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The Dawn Of Angels

Title: The Dawn of Angles
Author: Vivieene Malynn & Sean Kade
Publisher: Sutherland Press (January 3, 2012)

Left by her mother at a young age, Kyra has grown-up in the foster system, leaving her angry and hateful towards the world. The only person she can trust is Hammond, her case worker who has watched over her since the time her mother left. When Hammond places Kyra in a foster home located in a small town, strange things begin happening and Kyra starts unraveling the mystery of her past. When Kyra's life is threatened, she is saved by an angel, her guardian angel, Ashur, who falls from heaven to save her. Together, Ashur and Kyra must figure out why her life is in danger and stop a strange cult from bringing about the end of days. 


"I didn't just fall from heaven to save your life…" Ashur pulls me in closer until my chest touches his. "…I came here because after all those years, I could not spend another moment of eternity knowing that you would not be there."
He begins to sweep his head down toward mine. I know what's coming and I can't allow it. Turning away, I say, "I can't." My objection is not that I don't love him, but that I can't love him. He is an angel, I am a mortal. Two worlds that never have, and never will exist together. "You know as well as I do that this can never be. No matter how desperately we may want it. What will become of us?"
"I don't know," he says. "I don't care."
"Well, I do," I say. "All this will end and you will have to go back. And I will be left here alone."
"No," I say, sternly. "It's better this way."
Our eyes meet and I look away, but his eyes do not retreat as if they are holding me in place, preventing me from leaving.

My Thoughts ~ 
If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I had a tough time finishing this book.
I just couldn't seem to get into it.

Kyra seemed to be like every other girl left in foster care.
She is angry. Rebellious.  A bitch, really.
She pushes everyone away from her and yada, yada, yada....

After beating her foster brother, whom was 23 and as Kyra says
"Getting a little too fresh for my taste"
with a baseball bat to the face, Kyra is sent to another home.

Hammond, Kyra's social worker, comes to take her to the new home,
but since she is almost 17, they stop first at a bank for something her mother left her.
He gives her the key to a safety deposit box and she goes in.

In the box in a locket and a letter.
She doesn't read the letter, and tells Hammond that she can hock the locket for a bus ticket.

 After Kyra gets to her new 'home' with the Gregor's, Jeff and Justine,
she finally takes the time to look at the locket and open the letter.
The locket contains a clipping of hair and the letter says, simply,

There is something 'off' about Jeff and Justine.

"I don't want you to think we don't want you here, because we do. 
Jeff and I aren't allowed to have children."
"You mean you can't have children?"
"Yes, that's what I meant."

[See what I mean? Off.]

That night, we meet Ethan.
Ethan started working for Jeff the day Kyra arrives.
[Isn't that strange to anyone else?]
Jeff invites him to dinner.
Ethan is strange. 
He talks of "his people" and seems to drift off while talking.
Before he leaves for the night, he asks Kyra to come see him at work the next day.

Justine and Kyra  go out the next day, and Kyra stops by the shop.
Ethan isn't there, but she talks to the shop owner about her locket.
He tells her that the symbols on her locket are actually the 'angelic language.'

After she leaves the shop, she meets back up with Justine and they go to the bookstore.
While in the bookstore, Kyra sees a man following her.
He tells her that she is going to die that night.
She runs to Justine and they go to lunch.
[What? Really? I may die tonight, so let's go have lunch!]

In the diner, we meet Liv. Liv lives next door to the Gregor's.
[Why wasn't she invited to dinner instead of Ethan?]
Liv is sweet. She reminds Kyra of an old foster sister.
One who was killed by her father after Kyra was removed from the home 
for stabbing him because he was beating them.

Liv is on her way to "see her mother', and  invites Kyra along.
Justine warns then to be home before dark.
Turns out, Liv's mother is dead and they are going to her grave.
 Liv asks for a few minutes alone at the grave site, so Kyra wanders around.
The stranger from the bookstore appears. 

"I'm your guardian" he says.
"My guardian?"
"You would call me a guardian angel"
"If you are an angel, then where are your wings and halo?"

After he proves to her that he is, in fact, an angel, Kyra hears Liv scream.
She is being attacked by the Shadow People.

Will Ethan save them?
Will the stranger, Ashur?
What really happened to Kyra's mother?

Read the book to find out!
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About the Authors:  Vivienne Malynn and Sean Kade are the parents of five lively children and live in a rural suburb surrounded by eagles and coyotes. They spend their free time reading, writing, and playing make-believe with their children. In their not so free time, they teach.

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