Review Policy

My reviews mostly consist of my thoughts and feelings about the novels I read.  They portray the emotions a book brings out in me, the overall enjoyment of the book, and the good and sometimes bad points to a book that I had in my own opinion.  My reviews are also honest and I will not compromise my integrity as a book blogger. I prefer not to post a negative review, and will only do so when I am required to post a review.


My reviews include cover art, a summary of the book, my personal thoughts about the book, a star rating and publication details. I also try to post my reviews on GoodReads and Amazon.

My summaries are taken from either,, the publisher's website or the Author's website.


I do not respond to every review request.  If you don't hear back from me in 72 hours, it is fair to assume that I am not interested in reviewing the title.


Genres that I prefer:
  • Paranormal
  • Zombie
  • Young Adult 
  • Crime/Mystery
  • Fantasy
  • Romance (including erotica/erotic)
  • Chick Lit
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Religious Fiction 
  • Self-Help / Study Guide

I do not usually accept:
  • nonfiction: autobiographies/biographies/memoirs

Hard copies will take precedence.
I will consider books in e-book format if they fall into the genre's I prefer. 


When I accept a novel to review:

It does not guarantee that the novel will be read, or that I will post a review.

Novels that I request personally will have precedence over all other titles.
Second precedence will go to those novels that were accepted via a review request/pitch. Novels that are received unsolicited will mostly likely go last and it will depend on my reading schedule and interest as to whether the title will be read and reviewed. If I have no interest in reading the title or it does not capture my interest after halfway through the book, it will be passed along to another blogger or donated to my local library.


I am happy to host authors for an interview, guest post or a stop on a blog tour. I also will consider doing a Promotional Post featuring just the book, summary and info on the author if I have the time.  Sometimes I do this on my own, other times authors can contact me through my contact page to ask for this to be hosted.

I am also happy to host a giveaway for a book to aid in promotion.


To request me to review your book, please email me at
and use "Book Review ~ title" as the subject line.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not receive or accept any money for my book reviews! I do however receive books from publishers and authors at no charge. All reviews are my honest and personal opinion.