Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Place Called Blessing

"Josh lost his parents in a drunk-driving accident and lost track of his two brothers after a tragic fire.  By age eighteen, he is an angry young man who only wants a job, an apartment, and to be left alone.  Instead, he meets Mike and Anna, an unusual son-and-mother team who draw him into their lives.  For the first time, Josh receives unconditional love and something every human being craves, the gift of "the blessing."  But tragedy strikes again, and a shocking secret is revealed.  Can Josh hang on to what he's learned about blessings, curses, and family?"

Wow, what an amazing book!  When I requested this book online, I didn't really understand what I was getting into.  I had read the back of the book online, and it sounded like a good "story" to me.  But when I received it in the mail, I re-read the back of the actual book and saw the "Focus on the Family" stamp on it, and then noticed who the author was, John Trent, PhD.

In The Blessing, John Trent discusses specific ways to move toward others and bless others using these 5 essential elements...
~ a meaningful touch
~ a spoken message
~ attaching high value
~ picturing a special future
~ an active commitment

What an amazing read!  I read through this book in one day, in 2 different sittings.  I don't want to give anything away, but suffice it to say, make sure you have a box of tissues close by!  From beginning to end I was fully enveloped in the story, feeling as if I was there with Josh throughout his life.  From the disappointments he faced to the achievements he accomplished, I was there cheering him on.

I give this book 5 Stars and highly recommend it!  Every parent should be required to read this book and learn of the "Place Called Blessing"!
*This book was sent to me by Thomas Nelson Publishing for a honest review.

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