Monday, November 14, 2011

Decision Points ~ George W. Bush

I am really enjoying this book. 
Through eight years of this presidency we never got to hear the Presidents' side of any story,
the media told us what to believe and wrote American history it it's own words and opinions. 
The book at least gives us some background on the who and why of this person that shaped American history. 
Yes...he IS a person. 
He has a family and a lifetime of experiences that shaped him into who he was prior to taking office. You can draw so many rude conclusions and read into his family as much as you want, but you can do that with anything and anyone. I am just happy that I finally get to hear his side of the story and get a view of his life, in his words.
If you are an extreme liberal or extreme right winger and your mind is already made up that you "hate" someone you don't even know because of their politics, than you probably shouldn't read this book.
It will only fuel your hatred. 
You would be better off talking to a counselor about why you have to extremely hate complete strangers to find peace in your life.
However, if you are a kindhearted person that enjoys a good story told by someone that loves history and loves this great country,
then I highly recommend this book. 
The former President is a fascinating public figure, it is about time we get to hear his account of the past decade of American history from his point of view. 
*I received this book from WaterBrook Publishing to review.
I did not promise a good review. All thoughts are mine and mine along.

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