Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sometimes It Hurts To Say Goodbye... This Time, It Doesn't.

You may notice a few changes from my sidebar.
I have removed a button from the "I Review For" title.

I am no longer reviewing for Hollow Tours.
I love the idea of tours, but IMHP, Jessica, the owner of the site,
is extremely disrespectful to the people who volunteer their time to post for her,
and some authors.
 [None will be named at this time, but she knows who she is. 
I'm actually scheduled to do a book week with her!]

I understand that sometimes you have to be tough so some people
for not posting on their date, or not posting at all,
but when you are changing the group and asking for information from everyone,
you need to try and make it simple without being mean.

I email Jessica and told her, but I wanted to let everyone else know, too.

I'll be back later this week with something..... 
maybe a teaser to the book I just finished!

Blonde ~ OUT!

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